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EP 1 – Discovering the VR Hive

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Welcome to The Learning Loop’s first podcast, featuring entrepreneur Anne Widdop discussing how she looped into VR.  Anne takes us on a tour of pivotal points in her life that fuelled her passion for digital innovation and disruptive technologies.

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Equitable VR – The Trials and Tribulations

Building socially equitable VR for education and training is fundamental to opening VR to new educational audiences. JISC1 notes accessibility centres on ‘… designing systems to optimise access’, in this blog we explore how this definition can be applied in the context of further education audiences.

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Ep 7 – Metaskills under the Microscope with Clare English

Clare English, veteran BBC broadcaster turned metaskills champion kicks off episode 7 of our podcast series. Clare explains why we should be thinking more about the role education and training has in supporting metaskills. She also shares some of her coaching work with young people, demonstrating the transformative impact of metaskills.

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Ep 6 – Inside VR with Lakes College

We get an inside view of VR in FE, with Rachel Bass, Virtual Reality Developer at Lakes College. Rachel shares with us how Lakes embarked on virtual reality, ‘what works’, use cases and where VR could compliment future curriculum.

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