Fun is just another word for learning.

Fun is just another word for learning.

Game Mechanics

Meaningful AI Powered Metrics*

Differentiated Missions*

Learning Review Checkpoints


VR Multi-User
Real-Time Collaboration


Performance Board Interface*

*Planned for 2022

Planet Pollinate is an innovative multi-user virtual reality gamified learning resource, supporting students to acquire the employability skills they need to move towards employment. Working collaboratively students are challenged to rewild a barren land and solve problems along the way. Are your students ready for a memorable learning journey?


Planet Pollinate is more than just a game! Aligned to national employability skills qualification frameworks, our learning resource promotes deep learning, reflection and collaboration to prepare your students for the workforce.

Learning Outcomes


Use verbal communication skills for effective team working.


Analyse own role and behaviours of others.


Respond to changing group dynamics.


Evaluate own performance and identify areas for own professional development.

Gamification Pedagogy

Gamified learning is a pedagogic approach using gaming elements in non-game contexts. Gaming elements put the fun into learning, using engaging narratives, game mechanics and aesthetics learners are motivated and engaged in their learning.

Experiential Learning

Let your learners get hands on in a brand new environment without leaving the classroom. Planet Pollinate is underpinned by Kolb’s experiential learning cycle. Encouraging deep reflection on learning, students are supported to evaluate their performance and develop personal goals offering stretch and challenge.

Game On

What's the Story?

Hi! I’m Verbee, I’m looking for a team to help rewild Planet Bee!

Despite the best efforts of our bee scientists, our food supplies are running low. Do you have the teamwork and communication skills to save our Planet? Our bee scientists have left some tools to help you along your way - Hurry!

Planet Pollinate

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