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Gamified VR Learning

Gaming isn’t just for children, across the UK 86% of people aged 16-69 years played computer games in the past year. Virtual Reality is giving rise to a powerful and all immersive learning experience, innovating education and training today.

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Ep 5 – Screen Alliance Wales

Join us as we discuss our latest project, a virtual interactive studio tour of Wolf Studios Wales home of the critically acclaimed His Dark Materials and A Discovery of Witches.

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Digital Impressions for Human Interactions?

Charles Darwin claimed emotions and expressions are an ancient part of universal human nature. How effectively can Virtual Reality (VR) convey human interactions? Can the human behind the avatar really express themselves ?

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Ep 9 – The VR Hive Reflections

As it’s the end of the year, we thought it would be timely to pause, take stock and reflect on our journey so far. It’s certainly been an incredibly exciting journey over the last 12 months, joining me in this reflection is our very own CEO, Anne Widdop.

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