Immersive Soft Skill Training

Learn and practice skills in a safe environment with our mobile app. Try it out!

How it works

The mobile app is an innovative way to train learners to help them develop the skills they need to be successful.

It includes a library of free training episodes, covering topics such as difficult conversations, with more episodes being added soon. Each episode is designed to teach specific soft skills, and users can track their progress over time.
Hive 360 Mobile
Hive 360 Mobile

Features of The App

Co-Designed Experiences

Developed alongside industry professionals and educational institutes.

Responsive Feedback

Detailing various information to aid your development for a greater outcome.

360 Interactive Simulations

Designed to enhance a learner’s immersion and increase emotional attachment to the experience.

Scenario Synopsis

Supporting Bipolar Patients

A young woman enters A&E and has been unable to provide any information to the receptionist other than her name. She appears anxious and paranoid.

Using relational communication and a person-centred approach, it is your task to find out what she has brought her to A&E so she can be assessed and treated appropriately.

Bespoke Content

We develop interactive training episodes tailored to your organisation’s needs and values. 

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Mobile VR Viewer

Take your experience one step further by putting your mobile device inside a mobile VR headset, for extra features.