The Team


Anne Widdop

Distinguished career from software engineer to Global IT Director. Brings leadership, commercialisation and entrepreneurship.

Morag Webster

Bringing software engineering combined with solid design and sales experience. Scrupulous focus on the numbers – always!

Aarushi Sehra

Brings diverse experience in supply chain and project management. Responsible for operational and commercial development.


Laura Sheerman

Social scientist & lecturer specialising in leading-edge technology. Brings inspired thinking and academic rigour to developing training.

Danielle Wrayton

Immersive Learning & Game Designer specialising in using cutting edge pedagogies alongside game mechanics in immersive eLearning and Serious Games.


Jack Knill

Video, film, graphics and technology – a perfect fit to gamify training. Combines creativity with technical knowledge and innovation.
360 Lead

Calum Hall
Software & Cloud Engineer

Technical wizard and tenacious problem solver, no challenge is too hard, it only takes more time. Responsible for network management.

Stephen Honnan
Software & Audio Engineer

Creative problem solver with a passion for gamification and immersive technologies. Bringing expertise in audio, visual and development.

Michalis Antonas
Game Designer & Social Media

Skilled in designing video games while also providing his knowledge and expertise of artistic design to maximize user experience.

Leon Irving
3D Artist

Creative visual designer with a background in games development. Brings virtual worlds to life with a fusion of tech and art.

Aidan McGeady
Software & Web Developer

Using his experience of game and web development, he brings his reliable coding and analytics abilities to every project making them better.

Ross Kilpatrick
3D Animator

Creative animator with a passionate interest in bringing our characters to life within our virtual worlds, focusing on immersion.