Hive Tours

Experience your stories in fully realised 360 VR Hive Tours.


Reach Wider Audiences

Bring your story to the four corners of the world in fully realised 360 film. Available on mobile VR, desktop, and VR Headsets our bespoke tours can be viewed by almost everyone.

App-Building & hosting

Take all the worry out of hosting and getting your content to your audience. We have dedicated professionals to deal with all of your hosting and app-building needs.

Flexible Production

From fully immersive interactive tours to high quality 360 photography we offer a wide range of solutions to fit any project and any budget.

Our Technology

With up to 12K 360 pictures and 8K 360 videos we can really bring your stories to life in breathtaking quality. Interactions can be added to the tours allowing users to navigate the environment at their own pace, focusing on what interests them.

VR Tour Camera

Studio Tours

We partnered with Screen Alliance Wales to create an educational studio tour of Wolf Studios, one of the largest TV studios in the UK. The tour is being used in classrooms throughout Wales to educate and inform pupils about life in high end television production and it was created bilingually in both Welsh and English and features video interviews and information points throughout.

distillery Tours

We have partnered with ‘Once Upon a Whisky’ to produce high quality tours of whisky distilleries to accompany whisky tasting experiences. Allowing the user to taste the whisky and experience the beauty of where it was made at the same time. Featuring interviews with whisky experts, behind the scenes access to the distillery, and interactive elements we aim to help bring one of Scotland’s oldest traditions to the world by using new and innovative technology.

Want to learn more?

Our team is on hand to meet in person or virtually to discuss any of your questions. We price on a project by project basis depending on the scope and scale of the work.

VR Hive Tours
VR Hive Tours