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Learn and practice skills with Hive 360.
Letting you learn in a safe environment.

How Hive 360 works

  • Search and select training
  • Learn and practice skills
  • Gain insights into your performance
  • Understand how to improve
Hive 360 Mobile
Hive 360 Mobile

Features of Hive 360

Co-Designed Experiences

Developed alongside industry professionals and educational institutes.

Responsive Feedback

Detailing various information to aid  your development for a greater outcome.

360 Interactive Simulations

Designed to enhance a learner’s immersion and increase emotional attachment to the experience.

Scenario Synopsis

A performance review between a manager and a salesperson who has been failing to meet their targets. The manager has to present this information to the salesperson and find out why their targets have not been met. While also remaining professional, and striving to improve the salesperson and re-motivate them to enjoy work again.

Mobile VR Viewer

Take your experience one step further by putting your mobile device inside a mobile VR headset, for extra features.