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Installation Guide

Download the App

This is the installation guide, that will help you navigate to The VR Hive App on Google Play or App Store. As well as walk you through setting up an account.

First, you will want to open either Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. You can do this by clicking on either of these two links;
Google Play Store | Apple App Store

Alternatively, you can manually search for; “The VR Hive App”. If you are not brought directly to the app, look for this app image. Make sure that the company name is “The VR Hive”.

Once the correct app page is open, press the “Download” button, and let your phone do its thing.

Sign Up & Sign In

Now that the app has been fully downloaded and you are able to open it. Open the app and you should see the following screen.

Once you have filled out the boxes, press the “sign up” button. From here type in the code that will be sent to your email to confirm it is you, and simply sign in using the details you first signed up with.

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