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Installation Guide


This is the installation guide, that will help you navigate to The VR Hive App on the Google Play or App Store. As well as walk you through setting up an account.

First you will want to open Google Play Store.

Now press on the search bar at the top of the screen and search for; “The VR Hive App”.
If you are not brought directly to the app, look for this app image. Make sure that it the company name is “The VR Hive”.

Once the correct app page is open, press the “Download” button, and let your phone do it’s thing.

Create Account

You should now have the app available to be opened from your home screen. If not, check your complete list of apps, this is usually done by swiping up.

Once the app is open you should see the following screen.

When you are ready to continue, press the “sign up” button. From here fill out the email and password sections, with the relevant details.

Congratulations, you are all set up!


I can’t find the app

I accidentally pressed “sign in” not “sign up”

I put in my email and password, but haven’t been signed in

I forgot my password, so cannot sign in

The email I set up with, is incorrect

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