Transforming E-Learning through Virtual Reality

Immersive learning that improves knowledge retention and course completion rates. Engage your learners with our interactive simulations.

Transforming E-Learning through Virtual Reality


The VR Hive App

Our mobile platform enables employees & students to learn soft skills and practice in a safe environment.

Benefits we Offer

Risk Free

We have created a safe and training-friendly environment where anyone can train free from repercussions.


Setting achievable milestones allows for users to gain useful information in digestible chunks.

AI Metrics*

Using our in house AI, we are creating a responsive and robust feedback system.

Low Cost

Easily distributed training resources, that do not require any facilities to close, or SMEs to be brought in.

* planned for 2022

Hive Immersed

Have fun in VR and improve real-world skills through our micro-training episodes.